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Privacy Policy of City Lingual

Here’s our Privacy Policy, to let you know what we plan to do with any personal information you give us. Don’t worry, there’s not pages of legalese in tiny writing! We’ve endeavoured to keep it as clear and simple as possible. This covers information provided to us by you through our website, or by direct contact (by mail, telephone, text message or email). There are separate sections covering our data usage based on your relationship with us. There is also a section detailing your rights, and a section about us and how to contact us for data protection issues.
There is a separate Privacy Policy regarding the website – see below.


We need personal information from you so we can give you the best possible service when providing you with language training. We normally only need to store your basic details such as name, address and phone number, but occasionally we need to process other information such as your bank details (if we need to refund your fees should a course be cancelled). We are aware that some of this will be confidential in nature, and will treat it accordingly, keeping it as safe as possible from prying eyes. This forms part of our contract with you, and our commitment to you as a valued customer. We will not ask for information from you that is not relevant to our provision of services to you. We normally retain your information for 18 months, unless you tell us to discard it. The lawful basis for this processing under the Data Protection Act 2018 is Execution of Contract.
We will also send you letters or emails from time to time to let you know about any new courses we are offering, or to suggest events and extra class activities we are organising. We regard this as part of our service to you, to keep you informed about our activities, but you can opt out of this if you wish – just tell us. We will not send you more than 20 in any calendar year – we don’t like being bombarded with emails, so we won’t do it to you. The lawful basis for this processing under the Data Protection Act 2018 is Legitimate Interests.


We need to retain records on our staff so we can review your performance and pay, record your annual leave entitlement, process the payroll so you are paid the right amount on time, and make payments into your pension. These are mostly legal obligations, which is the lawful basis for our processing of your data. We will retain these records throughout your employment with us, and for 7 years after you leave, when they will be securely destroyed. The lawful basis for this processing under the Data Protection Act 2018 is Legal Obligation.


As well as your basic contact information, we need to see your Curriculum Vitae when selecting you as a Teacher, and will retain this for 7 years after your last date of training with us. Please be aware that such retention is covered by our legal obligations, and is therefore exempt from your right to deletion. The lawful basis for this processing under the Data Protection Act 2018 is Execution of Contract.
Additionally, we need to pass customer data to you so you can run courses. We need to know that you will treat such information with the same level of respect as outlined elsewhere in this policy, so we require you to be registered with the ICO (or equivalent body elsewhere in the EU) as a Data Controller, and to delete such records once they are no longer needed for training purposes.

Your Rights

You can at any time ask for a report of all the personal data we are holding about you.
You have the right to request for any errors in the information we hold to be rectified, and we are obliged to do so as soon as is practicable.
You can ask for your information to be erased, and we are obliged to do so, as long as there is no outstanding contract between us such as a future course booking or an unpaid invoice. Where your use of our services (or ours of yours) is part of our financial records, we are obliged by law to retain that element of your data for up to 7 years, as part of our accounts, but we will erase all other elements related to you.
You have the right to request the information we hold about you to be transferred to a third party; we will do so using standard electronic tools such as Microsoft Word or Excel, protected with a password and encryption, and will email the file to you to be passed on. We will advise you separately about the password, by text message or phone.
To exercise any of these rights, please contact us at the address below. There is no fee for this, as long as your request is reasonable, and we need to respond to you within 30 days. These rights expire once the specified data retention period has passed by, as we will have deleted the records.

Owner and Data Controller

The Language Crew Ltd trading as City Lingual
Registered in England and Wales No: 09644914 VAT No 246580393
Registered with UK Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller No: ZA479683
Owner contact email: