La Soirée Fromages Français


Wondering how to improve your French speaking skills? Join our next social event “La Soirée Fromages Français" on Thursday the 29th of June.
This will be a great opportunity to put your French in action in a fun and relaxed setting with other students and with the help of City Lingual French teachers.
You’ll be able to experience ‘La dégustation du tableau de fromages’ (the cheeseboard tasting) with some easy French language activities - (re)discover what makes French people love cheese and talk about it so much.


Day & time:

Thursday 29th of June, 6:30pm-8:30pm



Vivat Bacchus, 4 Hays Lane, London Bridge, London, SE1 2HB
We have reserved an area in the restaurant for the French Crew.



All levels. Teachers will help attendees to interact with others and participate in activities and games.


What you will drink and eat:

To make ‘la dégustation’ more interesting for everyone (and that we are talking about the same thing), we recommend that you choose the small French cheeseboard. But if you’re feeling hungrier, they also serve a medium (£18.50) and large (£22) version.
Le plateau offre une sélection de 4 fromages français : Pont d’Yeu, Pavé d’Auge, Morbier, Fourme d’Ambert, avec Blackcurrant jam, dried apricots, honey & nuts, apple.
As for the drinks, you can choose from a wide selection of wines, and non-alcoholic drinks.



Here is a couple of options we have pre-selected for you at Vivat Bacchus:
Option 1 (French red wine): £23.15, including a French cheeseboard (£14.90) + 1 glass of Syrah 2014 (£8.25)
Option 2 (French white wine): £22.65, including a French cheeseboard (£14.90) + 1 glass of Pinot Blanc 2015 (£7.75)
Please pay for the food and drinks you order at the counter.
Please note that a discretionary service charge of 12.5% is added to the final bill.
There is a £5 non-refundable deposit and organisation fee per person payable to City Lingual.


How to book your place:

If you want to participate to this event, email us at to pay your deposit and book your place by Friday 16th June.

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