Italian gestures: non-verbal communication between stereotypes, language and culture

 Italian Gestures – Non-Verbal Communication between Stereotypes, Language and Culture with Luca Vullo


After the great success of the first two workshops, we are delighted to invite you to the third workshop on Italian gesticulation with the expert of Sicilian and Italian body language and non-verbal communication Luca Vullo. This workshop will be another great opportunity for students of all levels to immerse themselves into the Italian language and culture. It will be interactive and will be plenty of chances to learn and use gestures combined with Italian language in real-life situations. Luca will also give tips to use gestures “correctly” when visiting Italy, as an integration and completion of verbal discourse.

The speaker

luca vullo - photo by patrizia scilla

Luca Vullo is a Sicilian writer, director and producer who has realized powerful documentaries well received and recognized internationally. As an expert of Sicilian and Italian body language and non-verbal communication, Luca wrote and directed a short documentary about Italian hand gestures, "The Voice of the Body", 2011, that won numerous awards and launched him on the international spotlight. Since then many Universities and Italian Cultural Institutes around the world have been inviting him for workshops, lessons, screening and debates on Italian body language and gesticulation. In 2012, Luca moved to London, where he worked as body language coach for the 2013 production of Pirandello’s ‘Liolà’ at the National Theatre (dir. Richard Eyre). Luca is currently touring many cultural centers and Universities in United States from East to West coast teaching this peculiar branch of body language.

(photo by Patrizia Scilla)


Day & time:

Monday, the 27th of June from 6.30pm to 8.30pm 


Speak Up London, 45 Oxford St, London W1D 2DZ


All levels: from Complete Beginners to Advanced.

The workshop will be in Italian and there will be an English translations of the main contents. The teachers will help everyone to understand the speaker and the meaning of all the gestures. 


You will take part in an interactive and communicative workshop in Italian, while admiring the paintings by some of the most famous Italian maestri at the National Gallery (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano, Caravaggio etc.). You will learn and practice simple vocabulary of art, colours, describe paintings and play together. Tutto in italiano!


£25 per student

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